What is the difference between Sublime text and Github's Atom?

2016-04-03 09:21:09 - Sarthak Joshi


How is Atom different from Sublime?

Atom is an open source text editor/IDE, built on JavaScript/HTML/CSS. Sublime Text is a commercial product, built on C/C++ and Python. Comparable to Atom is Adobe Brackets, another open source text editor/IDE built on JavaScript/HTML/CSS. Be minded that this makes Brackets more oriented towards Web development, specially in the front end. Advantages of open source projects are faster rate of development and, of course, price.

Does it include IDE features like build tools, function definition jumps, documentations, etc.?

The short answer is yes, yes, and yes. The app is completely modular. Open source will give people the freedom to fill the gaps on several of these features.

Has anyone using Sublime got a Beta invitation to point out the differences?

Advantages of Atom is entry-level hackability, since it's built on the same code that powers Web sites. Advantages of Sublime Text is performance, as it doesn't need to run on top of Node.js, and it's a more mature product, about to reach a stable version 3. There are a long list of minor differences that can be included in the comments (I wish this markdown could be able to draw a table for comparisons, but that's another issue). Because of Atom's rapid turnout, I am afraid some of differences I list here will become outdated over time. Per example, at the time of this writing, Atom is only available on the Macintosh while Sublime Text is already multiplatform. Can I use the themes, schemes and packages from Sublime as is, like Sublime could do with text mate. The short answer is no, but because of Atom's hackability, it will be easy to retool packages from other editors to Atom.

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